silverlight 5 secs loading issue not resolved for me

May 12, 2011 at 8:22 AM


 I have deployed the SilverlightViewer.wsp in my webapplication from central administration deploy solution option .

After that i have added my xap file in a document library i edited a page to show the silverlight webpart. And given the url of the xap file to load the webpart. 
But it still shows the same error, which is shown below.

Could not download the Silverlight application or the Silverlight Plugin did not load.
To re-configure the Web Part or to provide a different Silverlight application (.xap), open the tool pane and then click Configure.

I have a doubt in the To Do's mentioned in the description.

There are two big todo's still on this webpart:
*Pass Context URL to silverlight .xap
*Add option to webpart config to pass initiation variables to silverlight

What does the second To Do means ? .

if any one achieved this requirements. Please help me on this.