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Project Description

Addons for sharepoint 2010 and 2013 to increase end user usability.
Added a preview build of the automatic master page solution for SharePoint 2013. This is largely untested as of yet so use at your own risk. In addition to the master page this now includes support for 2013 themes, and I also added that Site Logo's would now default to be inherited.
  • Automatically Apply Master Page
    • Automatically applies a custom master page to any newly created subsites or moved subsites.
  • Automatic Treeview Metadata Navigation
  • Silverlight host webpart without the 5 second limit
  • Silverlight upload form
  • Added a print page javascript based web part for printing out the main content of a page
  • JavaScript Extensions for SharePoint
    • Works a lot better cross browser now and fixed some issues with placeholder HTML5 upload functions.
  • Updated version of Thumbnail Extender with support for images and pdf's -
  • SharePoint 2013 update of SPUserPoll -
    • Complete rewrite optimized for 2013 and modern browsers

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